Fusing a Legacy of Farming with a Future of Artificial Intelligence


How It Works

Analyzing 1.6+ M Photos

AgroSight continually collects and analyzes a large stream of photos to identify the leading causes of disease.

Connecting Professionals

We then work with professionals who are dedicated to helping farmers identify dieases so that they can see better yields.

Growing Artifical Intelligence

Each picture that you contribute will then enhance the AI's understanding of diseases so it will be even more precise.

Intelligent Features

AgroSight has dedicated itself to a quality product
that would be free to the public for the betterment of growing worldwide.

Crop Assessment

Take a picture of your Crop and within seconds you'll know if something is wrong and how to fix it.

300+ Catalogued Diseases

Diseases have been vigorously categorized, researched, and documented. The best research is waiting for you.

50+ Crops

Organic methods, temperature constraints, preferred growing environments, post harvest treatment, and much more!


Detailed Local Weather

We provide you with a detailed weather report tailored to growing crops.


We want to ensure that you can grow without learning another language. AgroSight is accessible in multiple languages!


As people around assess crops you can be notified of anything that begins to trend and things you'll need to watch out for.

Get Inspired
Here is AgroSight.

Our Crop and Disease Library

We have catalogued over 300+ diseases and profiled over 50+ crops
in great detail to assist you in your passion for farming.

Lifecycle Management

All the information you'll need to plant, grow, harvest and even some tips for post harvest management.

Organic Guidance

Each crop and disease will have information related to treating and growing organically.

Hydroponic Metrics

Discover what pH / EC / temperature ranges crops need for optimal growth.

Envronmental Factors

Learn how crops respond to environmental factors like light, soil, water, and humidity.

Managing Diseases

Learn about biological and chemical controls, organic alternatives, and preventative measures.

Your Language

Our goal is to make sure this invaluable information gets translated into the languages you use on a daily basis.


We're excited to see how much you can produce!

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After downloading the app you will have access to information on hundreds of diseases. You will also gain valuable insights on best growing practices for the crops you're interested in!

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